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Unparalleled Experience

The Honorable David B. Saxe (ret.)
50 Years’ Legal Experience
36 Years On The New York State Judiciary As A Supreme Court Justice
19 Years As An Associate Justice On The Appellate Division, First Department

photo of attorney the Honorable David b. Saxe (ret.)
More than 50 years of legal and judicial experience, serving New York and nationwide

Case Review

Arbitration & Mediation Services

A ‘Crystal Ball’ For Your Case?

Every attorney would like to know the outcome of their arguments before the judiciary or in an arbitral forum before they occur. It might make it easier to settle a conflict. But we all know there is no crystal ball. You only have one bite at the apple.

The Honorable David B. Saxe (ret.) provides the opportunity to test your ideas and arguments in a setting as close to a real courtroom as possible. With more than five decades as lawyer and judge and nearly 20 years on the Appellate Division, he provides the experienced questioning necessary to truly try your arguments, probing for weak spots and oversights, allowing you to refine and polish every element of your case.

An Experienced Former Appellate Judge For Your Case

He also provides skilled arbitration and mediation services as a neutral. Again, his great depth and breadth of judicial experience is invaluable as it provides the disinterested perspective for the determination of your matter.

The Hon. David B. Saxe (ret.) had a peerless reputation for fairness and decorum in the courtroom and being respectful of the attorneys who appeared before him.

He brings this judicial temperament of scrupulous fairness to every arbitration and mediation. He also has an extensive background in complex commercial and insurance matters as well as the financial issues that arise in the matrimonial litigations of high net worth individuals.

This benefits his clients knowing their concern is being handled with such skill and attention to detail.

Published Work of Justice Saxe

Meet The Honorable David B. Saxe (ret.)

The Honorable
David B. Saxe (ret.)

Assistance Behind The Scenes

Guidance From A Judge Who Is One Of New York’s Most Published Jurist