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ADR And Strategic Case Review

Hon. David B. Saxe (Ret.) provides the unique perspective of an experienced judge, the Hon. David B. Saxe (ret.) helps with the crafting of effective appellate cases and their component parts.

As a lawyer, he has five decades of experience working within the New York judicial system.

As a judge, he has more than three decades making judgments on other attorneys’ work products.

He understands what makes a compelling argument and how to effectively marshal evidence and the record to support those arguments. As a former Appellate Division justice, he knows what is necessary to succeed before appellate panels of the First Department.

Arbitration And Mediation

The Hon. David B. Saxe (ret.) brings the same acute judicial eye to his arbitration matters as he does to all his work. Arbitration is much like a judicial proceeding but without some of the procedural encumbrances. The stakes are just as great. In addition to his decades of experience as a judge, he brings an impeccable reputation as disinterested and neutral to every matter. This ensures that parties can quickly agree to his presence, reducing that hurdle to resolving your dispute.

Because much of an arbitral matter can be determined before a dispute arises by contract, the choice of arbitrator is critical. Their personality will have a significant role in the outcome of the process. The Hon. David B. Saxe (ret.) is a very known quantity. He has a vast body of legal writing, commentary and judicial opinions to provide insight into his views and decision-making skill in addition to his reputation for fairness and impartiality.

Appellate Briefs And Case Review

In addition to his skills with ADR, his long tenure as a judge provides him with deep insight into what makes an effective appellate brief. The Hon. David B. Saxe (ret.) offers a variety of services related to strategy and review of appellate briefs and cases.

He can help you formulate effective research and drafting advice from the commencement of the appeal, provide actual research and counsel on the form and structure of the arguments, assist with writing the brief and give an overall assessment of the theory of the case, the likely opposition arguments and ways to deal with those positions.

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